The Truth About Hormone Therapy

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Learn the truth about Hormone Therapy.

Mainstream news might have you believe that Hormone Therapy is dangerous… But you’re not getting the whole story.

A recent article published, has once again muddied the waters of hormone therapy. The authors have released various bullet points and 30 second ‘news’ headlines, that appear to have been designed to create fear instead of scientific guidance. The discussion is Breast cancer and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)—also called Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) in their publication.

Type and timing of menopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer risk: individual participant meta-analysis of the worldwide epidemiological evidence.

Anytime Breast cancer is brought up in the press, fear is often escalated and often for little clinical reason. One does need to remember, fear sells. Whether this is for increased funding to one’s lab or university or to increase the author’s exposure on the daytime mindless talk shows.

The investigators reported having analyzed the data records of 108,647 postmenopausal breast cancer patients collected from dozens of previously published reports only one additional breast cancer for every 50 women who took it for 5 years, while taking estrogen alone would result in one additional breast cancer for every 200 women treated.

The most important two items I feel important to point out are these;

Even if their finding of a small increased risk is valid, breast cancer is currently curable in approximately 90% of newly diagnosed patients.

They also fail to provide a balanced discussion of HRT’s benefits, which include relief from incapacitating menopausal symptoms ( a very personal choice ), reductions in the risks of cardiovascular disease (responsible for killing seven times more women than breast cancer), As well as significant decrease in osteoporotic hip fractures and Alzheimer’s Disease.

I don’t wish to minimize the risks and fears associated with a diagnosis of breast cancer, but, these absolute numbers indicate how non-frightening the results are, for example 20 TIMES MORE people die from medical errors in hospitals, especially those caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria, than the small increase in these reported numbers. And to re-state what I just noted, Heart disease Kills 7 times more women than breast cancer and HRT has a positive effect on heart disease!

Again, when reporting unbalanced information, the authors are not offering intelligent guidance, but fear, panic, confusion amongst patients and clinicians and the generation of more worthless headlines.

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