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“Simply Amazing!”

"I wanted to take a moment to write a quick review about Restorative Health Alliance regarding Dr. Scott David and his practice. 

First of all, let me start by boasting in an amazing way, about Dr. Scott David. Ever since I came in communication with him, he has delivered in every way possible. He communicates about any topic that requires communication. He has even answered my questions and request late in the evening and even on the weekends.

Dr. Scott David continues to be there for me, and after all these years, I consider him a great friend. 

Dr. David’s staff has also been amazing. From Day 1, Dr. Scott David has taken the time to get to know me as an individual and came up with the ideal programs for me. I can truly say that I have never felt better in my entire life. I feel vibrant, I have more energy, and I feel great about myself.

Since I started my treatment with Dr. Scott David I can honestly say I'm a completely different person.

Now, after nearly a decade of commitment to his advice and programs, my focus is more balanced, and my goal is now Longevity. 

Thank you truly to Dr. Scott David, and his fantastic Staff, for the compassion and care, I truly appreciate all you’ve done for me very much.

I honestly have nothing but GREAT things to say about our track record, and I look forward to the next decade of these very important programs and treatment.

Thank you truly." 

- Stephen J Cagnacci

“I am confident that without Dr David’s program, I would not be in the same position I am in now.”

"As a professional level competing athlete, I have found it hard to find a doctor with the knowledge that Dr. David has exhibited.

At baseline, I am lucky enough to say that my health would be considered excellent, however, in the elite category that I compete in, I would be considered average.

Dr. David has the knowledge and experience to have offered me guidance and advice that has improved my performance and recovery. The regular blood testing and the ability to find issues faster than the typical and brief, once a year check-up I usually do, is something that I really like.

I love the fact that together, we get to see my lab data on a more regular basis and make rapid adjustments to my diet and vitamin supplementation.

I am confident that without Dr David's program, I would not be in the same position I am in now. Thank You."

- C. Podesto

“My wife and I have been loyal patients of Dr. Scott David for 9 years and will remain on this path till the end.”

"As a board-certified Emergency Physician, I have had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Scott David in various emergency departments over the years.

His clinical skills and bedside manner were exemplary and because of this, I turned to Dr. David 9 years ago when I got sick.

During my recovery I entered a dark period in my life and with Dr. David’s compassion and excellent clinical expertise in the area of restorative health medicine, I was able to quickly bounce back and since then he has had me in the best physical and mental condition which I had not felt in over 20 years.

I can never stop saying enough great things about this man. He is always accessible, and he was one of the first Doctor’s I am aware of, using skype to check up on his patients.

He is extremely thorough in his exams and laboratory testing. He explains everything in such detail but makes it easily understandable for everyone, including my wife who has no medical background.

My wife became a patient shortly after I started seeing Dr. David when she was entering her menopausal years and experiencing the usual symptoms that women go through at that stage in their life.

After a complete exam and extensive laboratory testing, he came up with a regimen that her gynecologist was on board with and had her feeling years younger and less symptomatic, and also did wonders for our sex life.

I have referred some family members to Scott and they too have had their lives positively changed by his approach to restorative health medicine.

During my follow up exams with my Cardiologist he witnessed the transformation in my well-being and lab values and was totally on board with the treatment I was receiving from Dr. David. 

My wife and I have been loyal patients of Dr. Scott David for 9 years and will remain on this path till the end. God bless you Dr. Scott David."

- Jerry

“We all should have the opportunity to have a better quality of life!”

"I have been working with Dr. Scott David , for many yrs now, and I have achieved unbelievable results.

Basically, I started out to lose weight and look and feel younger, but  I believe the current program Dr. David has designed for me has helped my all-around health; I'll be 63 this month and I have people thinking I'm in my late 40s. Dr.David is responsible for this through his hormone replacement and anti-aging therapy,

I  am happy with my results, and continue, because we all should have the opportunity to have a better quality of life!!!!"

- Anthony Schiavo

“I work in the field of high technology and I am impressed by the cutting-edge telemedicine achievements Dr. David offers his patients!”

"I have been a patient of Dr. David for over five years. He is at the forefront of advances in anti-aging and restorative health that have dramatically improved my physical and mental well being.

I work in the field of high technology and I am impressed by the cutting-edge telemedicine achievements Dr. David offers his patients. After my initial in-person evaluation and review of test results, we began telemedicine appointments.

I receive outstanding personalized care at a time that is convenient to me. My sessions always start on time. The two-way video telemedicine app on my phone is easy to use and I feel like I'm in the same room with Dr. David though we may be many miles apart."

- Matt P

“I’m really lucky to have found Dr. David!”

"Dr. David is everything I would want from a physician. Professional, emphatic and very personable. He always takes the time to listen to all my concerns and answers any question I have, I can email him anytime and his replies are always prompt.

He’s incredibly knowledgeable and always up to date with the latest scientific research. I’m really lucky to have found him, I’m in my 40’s and thanks to his expertise I’ve never felt better!"

- O.B.

“I signed up with Dr. Scotty, and after all this time I am in the best condition of any 76 year old I know.”

"Luckily I ran into Doctor Scott David at LA Fitness about 8 years ago. We began discussing sports medicine which I thought I knew all about until he started to speak and I listened with great interest!

I signed up with Dr. Scotty, and after all this time I am in the best condition of any 76 year old I know. His careful watch over all aspects of health ranging from complete bloodwork and interviews is assuring.

If you have any Questions just call him, he's there!

I am very glad he has opened up my view of good health, aging gracefully, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

I highly recommend him to anyone!"

- Pat Yananton

“I just turned 68 and I am a fitness blogger focused on the over sixty community.”

"I have been a patient of Dr. David for about ten years.

My initial interest was wellness and anti-aging strategies including hormone replacement. Dr. David proved to be an expert in this area and my health was greatly enhanced with his help. I seek his advice on anything medically related. I am often astounded at his vast knowledge.

He listens to me and together we come up with a strategy. I have numerous health issues that Dr. David is not afraid to address in a kind and compassionate way.  I would be lost without him! I just turned 68 and I am a fitness blogger focused on the over sixty community."

- Phyllis Lerner, founder FollowPhyllis.com

“Dr. David is passionate about restoring health and vitality!”

"As a former collegiate athlete and currently a college coach and entrepreneur, I have worked with premier providers from Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans since 2013.  I have the utmost respect for Dr. David.

Dr. David and his staff are congenial while maintaining high professional and efficient standards of service. Dr. David is passionate about restoring health and vitality to women and men through modern cutting edge treatments and therapies. 

All of his collective experiences to date have increased his passion for medicine and helping his patients on their journey to achieving and maintaining better health."

- Sheldon Green

“Best doctor! Best attention! Best service!”

I have been under Dr. David’s care since 2012. Since then, my stamina, physical strength, mental acuity and over-all general health has improved 10 fold!

I feel and look better than I did 10 years ago. I was on testosterone to improve my general well-being, but also had an extremely high PSA score. Because of the high PSA numbers my Urologist refused to treat me, unless I discontinued the testosterone treatments.

After my first visit with Dr. David where we discussed ALL my options, I decided to continue with the testosterone treatment, under his guidance. All my biopsies and MRI’s have been negative.

He's a true professional who cares about his patients and closely monitors their health. I highly recommend Dr. David now that he's become a part of my on-going improving lifestyle."

- V. Santucci

“Thank you, Dr. David! You’ve changed my life…You’ve saved my life!”

"I was referred to Dr. Scott David in March of 2012 by my Cardiologist. At the time I was 370 lbs and I was suffering from Type 2 Adult Onset Diabetes. I was taking medications for Diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, and a slow thyroid. I was also experiencing mood swings, fatigue, muscle atrophy, and increased body fat just to name a few.

Dr. David found that my body wasn't producing Testosterone properly and my levels were dangerously low. After beginning therapy with Dr. David, I dropped over 100 lbs within the first 6-8 months. I no longer needed any of the medications I was taking and my outlook on life became very positive.

Now I have to tell you, there's no smoke and mirrors. Eating properly and exercising regularly are necessary to achieve success as well as Dr. David's therapy. It's been over 5 years since I first met Dr. David,  I've kept the weight off and life is good!"

- Tom Froehlich

“I'm 72 years old and have the desire, drive and passion I had in my early 30's!”

"At Christmas six years ago our daughter gave my wife a gift certificate to visit Dr. David for an assessment. My wife was in her early 60's at the time.

This gift turned out to be life changing. Like a lot of us, when we get into our 60's and 70's (me), we just think that because we're older it's normal to have lots of aches and pains. That it's normal to have less energy, to gain weight, to lose muscle mass and your desire and passion.


Upon visiting Dr. David he found a number of imbalances and he worked with her to get things right. The difference was amazing. In a few short months she was feeling better than she had in years. Her desire and passion increased dramatically. Her cognition went from the 17th percentile to the 78th in just a year. A wise woman and even better wife, she then sent me to Dr. David and it has truly been life

I've dropped about 30 pounds. I have dramatically increased muscle mass and vascularization. I'm 72 years old and have the desire, drive and passion I had in my early 30's. You don't have to sit back and watch yourself age. You, along with Dr. David's help, can have as rich a quality of life as you had years ago. There's no better time to start feeling better than RIGHT NOW. Next year this could be your letter."

- S.C.

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