Weight Loss

You can lose the weight... We can show you how!

At Restorative Health Alliance, Dr. David can help you realize a lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time.

Our approach to health is radically different from what you may have encountered before.

We believe in optimal health and that your overall well-being is about what can be added to your life, not just a number subtracted from the scale.

The truth is, DIETS DON’T WORK.

Instead, we suggest lifestyle habits, tools, and supplements we have found that will add a new quality to your life.

By placing your mind and body in a more efficient state, you will be on your way to obtaining a highly functional state, which you may have never had attained or have thought was long gone.

For most of our patients, this starts with first achieving a small amount of time in your busy life, that you will agree to dedicate to the focus and attention needed to begin your weight loss and the life you want.

This is the catalyst for change.

When you improve your health, confidence, vitality and begin to focus on what truly matters to you, the results will almost always be achieved and your goal of a healthy weight can be obtained with what seems like little effort.

Optimizing your body’s function; by evaluating, measuring and correcting ( when indicated) your hormone levels, gut biome, immune system function, cardiovascular function, will restore your energy and desire to exercise daily and eat more nutritionally.

In many patients, we have found that minor metabolic anomalies, (such as a sluggish thyroid or prediabetes/metabolic syndrome), will stack the deck against you making it nearly impossible to lose weight, especially when “forced” to follow a multi-step diet that is often confusing and to difficult to fit into your daily life.

If these metabolic anomalies like adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, gastrointestinal (GI) disturbances, hormonal imbalances, etc. are not addressed or treated prior to dieting, the results may lead to an inability to lose any weight or even keep off the weight which can be lost, often leading to tremendous frustration.

However, if your cravings are diminished and your metabolism improved, utilizing our unique method, which may include a brief use of prescriptive appetite suppressants, when indicated, your chances are high that you will be more successful in your weight loss endeavors.

This is why these issues need to be addressed to make the weight loss endeavor easier and long lasting.

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