How It Works


Here is what you can expect on your initial visit with Dr. David:

Once your appointment is confirmed, a friendly reminder text will keep you on-time for your visit.

You arrive at our facility and ​your experience will begin.

First, Dr David will review your intake form with you, and will ask about your medical conditions, past medical and family history, social history and any health concerns that you may have.

This will be followed by a physical exam. A painless, “whole body” ultrasound may also be performed.

Dr. David believes that early detection will improve your quality of life and extend your Health Span.

At the conclusion of your consultation with Dr David, your treatment health plan, your Health-snap evaluation and all of our recommendations for supplements and any prescriptions will be summarized, emailed and/or printed out for you.

Dr. David will recommend many lab tests that will be valuable for your diagnosis and future treatment plan.

Each test is done to either confirm a suspicion or eliminate it from the need for further investigation.

We may typically suggest evaluations that your physician may not have suggested to you; all of our suggestions are discussed in great detail with you and our knowledge and experience will be used to guide you during this process.

Of course, we live in the real world; tests will be recommended and prioritized with the critical ones done first and the others saved for subsequent visits, always keeping excessive spending and costs in mind. If Dr David recommends a critical test that is beyond your immediate financial means, we can discuss programs that may be used to accommodate your needs.

Prescriptions can be forwarded to your pharmacy for either pick up or delivery.

A follow-up appointment will be offered to you and this is where our practice is REALLY set apart from all other physicians.

Your visit will be scheduled to minimize any “extra” waiting and we will give you as much time as you need to answer any and all of your questions.

We are all too busy and making appointments has become an often difficult task. We completely respect your time and we have a unique option in place for follow up visits.

Unlike other medical practices, there may be no need for you to take off time from work, drive to our office and meet with our team, then drive back home, often spending hours of your “expensive” time.

Your followup appointments can all be completely virtual. via an HD Video Telemedicine visit, which can be done on your laptop, iPad or even your phone, from your office, your home or even your car !

We will discuss all of these unique options with you at your first visit.

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